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SAT I Preparation


We provide our students with the most superior and in-depth SAT preparatory course, available. We aim to improve the score of each student by at least 200-250 points, using the most advanced and accomplished techniques, strategies, and practice methods available. Furthermore, we believe in providing each student with individual attention and support, thus, our class size is limited. We utilize carefully selected course materials, which we believe are comprehensive and effective. In the past, our students have responded positively to our teaching methods, and have shown significant improvement in their scores.


Our teaching team is composed of the most outstanding academic achievers. They have attended the most prestigious universities in the world and excelled in their academic fields. More importantly, however, they have all mastered the SAT I test, in their capacity as students and teachers. In addition, the instructors are well versed in our teaching methods and are best placed to implement our techniques and strategies, as they have the necessary teaching experience. Furthermore, they are capable of communicating with students in the most translucent, lucid and unambiguous manner.

Course Structure

We offer students 12 and 8 week courses. The length of each course covers all the requisite material but varies in the number of practice SAT I tests a student can undertake with us. We believe that the numbers of hours that we must dedicate for teaching the course material varies from 30-50 hours, depending on the capabilities of the students in each group. Thus, students must be prepared to undertake extra prep classes in addition to the normal classes.

Course Outline

SAT Orientation


1. Intro:

a. 2 different types of questions

i. MCQs

ii. Grid-ins

b. 4 major branches of Math are covered in the SAT:

i. Arithmetic

ii. Algebra

iii. Geometry

iv. Statistics, Data Analyses and Probability


1. 2 different components:

a. Writing

b. Critical Reading

2. Types of questions in Writing:

a. Identifying Sentence Errors

b. Improving Sentences

c. Improving Paragraphs

d. The Essay

3. Types of questions in Critical Reading:

a. Sentence Completions

b. Reading Passages

Before the first class all students are expected to take a full length practice test from the official College Board Website. The link is provided below: https://satonlinecourse.collegeboard.org/SR/digital_assets/assessment/pdf/F4D31AB0-66B4-CE32-00F7-F5405701F413-F.pdf

Week 1


In Week 1 we cover Arithmetic. Under this topic the following concepts are taught:

1. Arithmetic:

a. Number Operations

b. Number Properties

c. Fractions and Decimals

d. Percents

e. Ratios and Rates

f. Powers and Roots

g. Sequences

h. Sets

2. Work Assignment:

a. Work Sheets:

i. Arithmetic MCQs

ii. Arithmetic Grid-ins

iii. Arithmetic Combined test

b. KAPLAN Math Workbook:

i. Number Operations

ii. Number Properties

iii. Percents

iv. Ratios and Rates

v. Powers and Roots


In Week 1 we cover the Identifying Sentence Errors topic. Under this topic the following concepts are taught:

1. Pronouns:

i. Pronoun Agreement

ii. Pronoun Case

iii. Pronoun Shift

iv. Ambiguous Pronoun

v. Comparisons Using Pronouns

2. Subject Verb Agreement

i. Verb before Subject

ii. Subject and Verb Separated

iii. Neither/Nor and Either/Or

iv. Singular Subjects which Seem Plural

3. Tenses

i. Annoying Verbs (When to use simple past and past participle)

ii. Illogical Tense Switch

iii. The Conditional

4. Parallelism

i. When it applies

ii. What are the rules

5. Adverbs and Adjectives

i. Differences

ii. When to use adjective and adverb

iii. Comparisons using adjectives

6. Gerunds

7. Idioms, Wrong Words, and Double Negatives

At the end of this topic, the students are provided 4 practice sets to polish the concepts they have learnt.

Week 2


In Week 2 we cover Algebra and Functions. The following concepts are taught:

1. Algebra:

a. Solving Equations

b. Simultaneous Equations

c. Absolute Values and Exponents

d. Inequalities

e. Binomials and Quadratics

2. Functions:

a. Basic

b. Symbols

c. Compound

d. Co-ordinate grid:

i. Linear Functions

ii. Quadratic and Other Functions

iii. Transformations

iv. Domain and Range

3. Work Assignment:

a. Work Sheets:

i. Algebra MCQs

ii. Algebra Grid-ins

iii. Algebra Combined test

b. KAPLAN Math Workbook:

i. Basic Algebra

ii. Advanced Algebra

iii. Word Problem


In Week 2 we cover the Improving Sentences topic. Under this topic the following concepts are taught:

1. Main 5 Errors, which include:

i. Passive Voice

ii. Run-on Sentences

iii. Misplaced Modifier

iv. Parallelism

v. Wordiness

2. Minor 4 Errors, which include:

i. Conjunctions

ii. Fragments

iii. Subordination and Coordination

iv. Pronouns

3. Shortcuts

After this topic has been taught the student are again given 4 practice tests to polish the concepts that have been taught.

Week 3


In Week 3 we cover Geometry. The following concepts are taught:

1. Geometry:

a. Lines and Angles

b. Triangles

c. Polygons

d. Circles

e. Solids

f. Multiple Figures

2. Work Assignment:

a. Work Sheets:

i. Geometry MCQs

ii. Geometry Grid-ins

iii. Geometry Combined test

b. KAPLAN Math Workbook:

i. Lines and Angles

ii. Triangles

iii. Quadrilaterals and Polygons

iv. Circles

v. Multiple Figures

vi. Solids

vii. Coordinate Geometry


In Week 3 we cover Improving Paragraphs and the Essay topics. The following concepts are taught:

1. Sentence Revision Questions

2. Sentence Addition Questions

3. Sentence Combination Questions

4. Analysis Questions

5. Essay Thesis

6. Essay Content

7. Essay Examples

8. Essay Structure

9. Essay Timing

10. Essay Dos and DONTs

The students will be provided 4 to 5 practice sets on the Improving Paragraphs and 6-8 essay practice tests.

Week 4


In Week 4 we cover Statistics, Data Analyses and Probability. The following concepts are taught:

1. Statistics, Data Analyses and Probability:

a. Mean, Median and Mode

b. Data Analyses

c. Counting Methods

d. Probability

2. Work Assignment:

a. Work Sheets:

i. Statistics, Data Analyses and Probability MCQs

ii. Statistics, Data Analyses and Probability Grid-ins

iii. Statistics, Data Analyses and Probability Combined test

b. KAPLAN Math Workbook:

i. Averages

ii. Graphs

iii. Logic Word Problems


In Week 4 we cover Sentence Completions. The following concepts are taught:

1. The components of the sentence

2. Technique and approach for sentence completions

3. Different types of sentence completion questions

4. Examples

Again students provided various practice tests to exercise the concepts taught.

Week 5


Students will be required to complete the 2 math practice tests in the KAPLAN Math Workbook.


In Week 5 we cover Reading Passages. The following concepts are taught:

1. Techniques to deal with long RPs.

2. Techniques to deal with short and dual RPs.

3. Types of Questions in RPs.

4. Tips and Shortcuts.

The students are provided necessary practice on the various types of reading passages.

Week 6 onwards


The students will practice 2-3 SAT Tests a week. At the end of each a week a class is conducted to go through the all the mistakes in each test.
This enables the student to learn from previous mistakes and continuously improve score till Test Day.